My Work


Red Le Clerc – Losing Myself

The true jewel of my last semester’s work is this music video I made for my friend, local musician Red Le Clerc. It’s for her absolutely beautiful song Losing Myself. Further write-up here.

Red Le Clerc – Losing Myself | Genre: Music Video | My Role: Director, Editor, Producer


Another project I worked on was the filmed version of the art installation INDEFINITE. I was really attracted to working on this piece as it looks at the rights of refugees locked up in indefinite detention.

Further writeup here.

INDEFINITE | Genre: Experimental | My Role: Video Director, Camera Operator, Editor

Angst and Other Drugs

My main project during semester 2 of my final year of my degree in 2020 was this short film Angst and Other Drugs, of which I was an Associate Producer and the 1st Assistant Director of.

Until it’s released I won’t go too much more in detail of Angst, but you can find more BTS & discussion about the production here.

Angst and Other Drugs | Genre: Comedy/ Drama | My Role: Associate Producer, 1st Assistant Director

From Home

During this first semester of my final year, we had to transition our projects towards something we could create in COVID-19 quarantine conditions. What our cohort came up with was a documentary series on YouTube called From Home. I took on a role in the student supervisory team as a Supervising Director for the series, overseeing the creative direction of the episodes. YouTube Link.

I also worked with a team to create one episode in particular, Online Connections. In it I speak to the need for people to do well with keeping up our connections with people online and how important online relationships can be for all of us, especially in these isolated circumstances.

Further writeup here.

From Home: Online Connections | Genre: Documentary | My Role: Director & Co-writer


In early 2020 I volunteered some time and effort making four short videos for Michaela Sargent, a Greens candidate in the city council election. The script was done by her team, I filmed it and edited it all up for online distribution. It may not have been much, but it was part of an amazing campaign that achieved an 11.8% swing in our favour in the election.



In the latter half of the year I undertook an internship at Taxi Film Production ( Was on set for a few different commercials doing basic PA/runner work. From there I met writer/director Stephen Lance who gave me the opportunity to shadow him on his short film Torch Song.

Blockbuster Rebooted

This one was quite a crazy experience! Working in the multicam TV format for a class at uni, it was certainly unlike anything I or other people in the cohort had really done before. I think we came up with something pretty neat.

Blockbuster Rebooted | Genre: Comedy Late-Night Show | My Role: Director