Windows in the Water

Can we pause, just for a moment, here on the bridge?

The city lights are mirrored on the black surface of the river and I’m reminded that this ordinary town can feel alive. Corporate LEDs in red & blue, but people too.

But being human – being emotional, wired with life – often hurts. Cope with it. Have to just put soles to pavement and soul to paper.

The chill breeze will bring rain but after that will be the sun again and after that more storms. You can’t escape it, lean in, forget the umbrella. Live in wet weather. Bear through that stupid bloody red hot sun so you can come back to enjoy the real days that dress in grey.

Tonight though it’s clear. With every light on the water is a life, someone behind the window living their everyday. Certainly a nice person, trying their best, caring and giving when they can.

Us too, probably, just people out there behind the light in the window, worthy of the best intentions?


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