BDMR Reform – QLD Government’s Response

As has been too usual of me, sorry for being a week late in posting this – even though I was aware I’d have to make this post I was completely swamped last week – had to recover from being in Melbourne (and being unwell while I was there!), do my first set of marking for my classes, helped a friend move, and a lot more.

Last Tuesday (27th April), the Attorney-General’s response to my petition was published on the Queensland Parliament website. It’s certainly a positive response, although it doesn’t give much more information than we already had, with the A-G reiterating that the Government will introduce legislation this year. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what I expected and this response didn’t inspire me to feel much of anything, despite being positive.

However, I also received a reply from the Attorney-General to the letter I sent her when the petition was tabled. You can read the full response below. While they have not assented to having a meeting with me to discuss the betterment of LGBT+ rights, as I requested in my letter, I was very glad to see acknoweldgement of the discussion papers from 2018 during the previous review of the Act. In researching for my petition, there was no indication that any recommendations had come about from those discussions, and they appeared to have been forgotten about. In acknowledging that much consultation has already occurred, alongside communication prompted by my petition, I hope that the Government will bring forward their legislation promptly.

In particular, I was heartened reading the last paragraph of the letter, in which the A-G agrees, in no uncertain terms, that legal recognition of one’s gender identity is crucial to their livelihood.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Government’s bill – without a meeting to discuss what their stance was to specific points raised in the petition and more, I can’t be carefree about it, so I’m crossing fingers. It’s such an opportunity for Queensland to take a progressive stance on queer rights, and it’d be such a shame if it’s squandered.

With that, take care – Esther