Petition Articles and More

I promised I’d post again when further articles about the petition that were in the works were posted, and here they are.

The first article is from The Advocate: 10,000 signatures paving the way for Transgender rights as Queensland falls behind. The second is from UQ’s student paper, Semper Floreat: LGBT+ rights – rapidly growing e-petition.

Both feature quotes from me and have different perspectives, so they’re worth checking out if you have the time. A reminder, the petition ends in two weeks now, the 23rd of March, so keep sharing and contacting the A-G before it ends. We’re nearly at 10,500 signatures.

When I last posted I had just gotten the job at QUT, and I’m glad to say it’s going well (two weeks of classes in)! I enjoy being able to help people with their writing, and it’s excellent motivation to improve my own screenwriting.

I’ve got a rough first draft of one short film, and I was just starting to work more on writing a TV-series pitch and create a bit of a framework for working and improving my writing when some news came out yesterday – Screen Queensland funding six shorts through their diversity program, RIDE. Naturally, I’ve now completely pivoted to work on an entirely new script and I’ll be trying to apply to this program.

It’s head-down, tail up for me, as usual. Until the next update, take care – Esther.


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