Losing Myself

When I first heard Losing Myself by Red Le Clerc, I was completely enraptured. I immediately knew I wanted to make a video for it.

To me, the song evokes such powerful emotions. I went through a breakup myself over a year ago, but this song brought me back to those feelings of uncertainty, desperation, and love.

Losing Myself is about pushing through the pain and making the right decision for yourself. Red did such a fantastic job bringing those emotions through not just in the gorgeous vocals but her on-camera performance.

In our dollying moves we find intimacy with Red, feeling her pleas for meaning, and pull back to reveal her isolation. The golden light reminds me of late nights and the surreal feeling of being swept up in the highs and lows of love.

I hope you enjoy this video, it’s my absolute best work, that’s for sure. Let me know if you’d be keen to see Red and I collaborate again.

Red Le Clerc – Losing Myself | Genre: Music Video | My Role: Director, Editor, Producer

I also want to thank the amazing crew for bringing this video to life: Red (obviously!), Summer Watson (Director of Photography), Tegan Ward (1st AC and Gaffer), Connor Boland (Art Assistant), and Tyler Sherline (Production Assistant).


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