I had the absolute honour of working on a video as part of QUT’s Alone Together project – a series of installations produced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I came on board with one of the pieces called INDEFINITE, which I was really attracted to given the subject matter I’ve blogged about before – the indefinite detention of refugees, the imprisonment of some for over seven years with no sign of release. INDEFINITE abstracts the resource-hoarding during quarantine alongside the callous and brutal treatment of refugees.

My role on the project was to direct the video, which included camera operation and editing.

In creating the filmed version of the piece, I wanted to emphasise the discomfort, disturbance and discord of the piece. Handheld shots were used to break the barrier between the safe, casual observer and participant. Throughout the video harmony breaks down in the performers… and in the editing. In this sense I saw an opportunity for the filmmaking practices to elevate the piece, and I’m glad I did so effectively.

INDEFINITE is an opportunity for us all to reflect on our place in the world. I believe that the manner in which we treat the most vulnerable of people is an indication of who we are deep inside. As Australians, we treat these vulnerable people like their lives have no value. I desperately want to change that.

For the full page including all of the other Alone Together projects and details of the rest of the amazing people involved click here.

For just the video:

INDEFINITE | Genre: Experimental | My Role: Video Director, Camera Operator, Editor


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