Early October Updates

Sorry that I’ve been basically radio silent lately – particularly with the more creative-writing stuff, of which I had a couple of posts partially-complete but haven’t gotten around to finishing. Anyway, let me catch you up with what’s been going on.

Two weeks ago, the 25th September, we shot the music video as planned. It went really well, and I loved the shots we got, but for a couple of reasons we’ve decided that we’ll do a reshoot next week on the 16th October. This may sound like a disappointment, but I’m actually really looking forward to breaking down my creative process around it all. After the first shoot went so well, I’m incredibly confident with how much better the reshoot will be.

I’ve also launched our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for Clouded which can be found here. We’ve had a couple of donations so far (including a few direct donations not on the site), but need quite a bit to go to reach our goal, which is a total of $2,500. If you can contribute either financially or with a share I would greatly appreciate it.

Further on the Clouded front, we had put out the call for actors and gotten a lot of self-tapes in response. We’ve now shortlisted a few and are undergoing in-person callback auditions today and tomorrow! It’s really exciting to have heard the script read out by so many people, especially hearing the differences of perspective that different actors bring to the role.

The other project I want to draw attention to is called Indefinite, a performance art installation that will be shown to online audiences through a recorded video, of which I’m directing. Indefinite explores concepts surrounding how refugees in indefinite detention have been neglected during the pandemic. Find us on instagram here.

My next update should be even more busy and exciting, as I’ll likely talk about the results of the music video shoot and announce the cast of Clouded. Until then, take care.


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