Signal Boost #FreeTheKP120

I can’t believe this protest was a month ago – I swear I intended to bring this up earlier. In Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, 120 refugees have been detained for over 7 years.

This is absolutely despicable and it cannot stand.

What’s worse is that’s the protests highlight poor behaviour from the authorities (protesters criticised in light of COVID despite almost all wearing masks, whereas not a single police officer wore a mask, and they did their best to cram protesters into smaller spaces, preventing people from social distancing).

I took my camera and got a couple of not-so-awful shots (I’m not a photographer, okay?)

This shot featuring MP for Maiwar Michael Berkman and future PM Juno.

I did a shift at the blockade the week after the protest. I’d do more but unfortunately, my uni commitments are too much to fit it in right now. For more info check out Refugee Solidarity Brisbane/ Meanjin.


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